Join us at the

Let’s warm up with some fiery fiddle tunes as we move into 2019!

This event is for women fiddlers only and not open to an audience.

The jams have brought together a group of wonderful women fiddlers to play a lot of Canadian Old Time fiddle tunes and build up an exciting sense of community. We had more newcomers attend and just kept having more fun!

Don’t be shy, just drop by 🙂

Many of the women participated in the fiddle contests this summer while others came to give their support and jam in the fiddle park.

This event is one you won’t want to miss! It is guaranteed to be a fun time in a supportive, positive, inspiring, and learning environment. Fiddling, food, and friendship guarantees an excellent way to spend an afternoon! Please come and join us for this upcoming jam.

Level of playing – any – it isn’t about performance, it is about playing, learning, sharing.

Coffee/tea/water is provided
Please bring some healthy snacks to share
Ages 16 + amateur musicians only (all abilities)
Cost: $10
Contact Host/Director Karen Reed at if you need more information