Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra Update

                        – March 23, 2020

Karen has been busy thinking of ways to keep the fiddle community and the Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra  alive in these uprecedented times! Any options that Karen is considering for the Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra are based on what is happening today ( March 23, 2020) It goes without saying that all possible scenarios will be subject to changes and adaptations based on Federal, Provincial and Municipal Health and Safety priorities.

With any of these options, details need to be investigated and we may be looking at a unique approach. For example, last Friday, Karen successfully ran a trial online orchestra rehearsal using ZOOM as the online platform. Those of us participating had a few good laughs and we enjoyed seeing one another on screen. With her studio business, she is running her lessons, one day workshops and will move to her orchestra rehearsals using the ZOOM platform.

Karen’s message to members of the Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra is to Zoom in and stay tuned !

Jane McVeigh for the Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra

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    Karen Reed Orchestra was formed in 2017 when a number of fiddlers in Southwestern Ontario expressed interest in joining an orchestra if Karen would consider the position of Director/Conductor. Joyce Anderson and Jane McVeigh approached Karen about the interest expressed and Karen excitedly agreed.

The vision of the orchestra is to bring together fiddlers of all ages and abilities and perform a mix of Canadian Old time and other forms of Canadian fiddling styles with full arrangements for Violin 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Karen’s goal is to empower the players both individually and as a unified body of players, by building confidence, creating community and expand horizons with respect to styles, technique, and overall musicianship through arrangements she has composed with intention to create a place of growth and accomplishment.

Karen is a dynamic instructor, promoter of Canadian fiddling, workshop facilitator, jam leader, and fiddle competition judge. She is a performer, entertainer, educator, and approaches all endeavours from a holistic perspective.

The orchestra is filled with members who are hard working, committed, friendly fiddlers who share the passion of the Canadian fiddle culture.Interested in becoming a member? Contact Karen.

We invite you to have a peak into our first 3 seasons.

Season 1 – 2017 – 2018

Karen Reed Orchestra Jig Set – YouTube

Karen Reed Orchestra Champs Elysees – YouTube

Season 2 – 2018- 2019

Karen Orchestra Reed Orchestra Spring Concert 2019 Opening

Season 3 – 2019-2020

Let it Snow – Christmas Concert 2019

2020 – 2021 Concert Dates

Saturday December 5, 2020;  First United Church, Waterloo, ON

Saturday June 12, 2021: The Registry Theatre, Kitchener