2022 Season

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                        The Karen Reed Studio        

Karen has been teaching fiddle for over 25 years. Her passion for teaching is equal to her passion for fiddling. She offers lessons to students of any age and teaches a variety of fiddle styles.

Karen uses a holistic approach as she tailors lessons to meet individual needs. She moves her students through and beyond the technical aspects of learning and encourages growth in confidence, addresses thought processes, and helps each student understand how to incorporate their fundamental ‘self’ into their playing, which, in turn, becomes evident through individual expression.

Lessons with Karen are enjoyable, challenging, and informative. She inspires and motivates her students through creative methods, an insightful approach along with her care of their individual needs. Karen believes in working alongside each person to guide them toward reaching their fullest potential and achieving their personal goals.

Karen also teaches at fiddle workshops and camps.

Have a peak at Karen in a surprise performance with two of her students. They played The Hurricane, Sandy Cameron, The Shetland Fiddler, and Jean’s Reel.  Arlo Quilley on keys.

Spring Concert 2019 with Students

To receive more information about private lessons, workshops, or group lessons, contact Karen